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      Student Council
      The Student Council is a support organization which gives assistance to the school
 without interfering with the school policies on academic or disciplinary matters. As
 representatives of each class elect their over-all officers regardless of their courses,
 students get to promote esprit de corps and camaraderie among themselves.
      The school student council helps the school during activities such as the commencement
 exercises, intrams/sportsfest activities, general Christmas party and others.
      Skills Assessment Committee
      The Skills Assessment Committee is a support organization headed by a training director
 with the assistance of the branch coordinators which helps the school in the implementation of
 compentency-based programs where the skills acquired by the students are put to test, usually
 under time pressure.
      Alumni Committee
      The Alumni Committee is a support organization composed of ICC graduates from different
 batches which helps the school in providing and maintaining a network of communications among
 its graduates.