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      Dear ICC Students,
      Greetings in Christ!
      One of the greatest challenges that teachers, administrators and personnel of Imus 
  Computer College have to face today, is the molding of our youth who will become the
  foundation of our nation's future.
      In our pursuit for academic excellence, we aspire to deliver you not only the latest
  in Information Technology but also to equip you with the right SKILLS, right ATTITUDE, and
  DISCIPLINE to help you become globally-competitive and goal-oriented individuals. But we
  cannot do these without your help. We cannot help improve your lives without your
  cooperation. This message aims to inspire you---our humble beginnings would teach
  you PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE in achieving your goals; our philosophy and mission would
  teach you TO REACH OUT; and our school regulations would instill in you SELF-DISCIPLINE to 
  become morally upright and be able to discern what is right from wrong. Thus, at every
  semester and by the end of each school year;  we endeavor to help bring about the best
  that YOU can become.
  Emmanuel P. Del Prado
  President and Founder