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      Dear Parents and Guardians,
      We at ICC believe that the success of our students are greatly dependent on the team
 effort of parents/guardians/teachers. We encourage our students to help better themselves by
 providing the best possible quality computer education around while giving value for your
 money. While it is true that most computer schools charge very high tuition fees nowadays,
 ICC's tuition charges remain to be unbeatable in terms of its affordability while delivering
 quality education for our students. We believe that quality computer education need not be
 expensive. We believe that the skills we will transfer to your sons and daughters will become
 their assets in improving their lives as they graduate and face the real world outside the
 four corners of our classrooms.

      We thank you for entrusting us the education of your sons and daughters.
      May we continue to have a rewarding educational partnership for your son/daughter's

 Emmanuel P. Del Prado
 President and Founder