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      1. ACADEMICS
      ICC utilizes a developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for its instructional
 program based on the needs and demands of today's IT industries as approved by the
 Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). It focuses on producing
 globally-competitive IT graduates who can work here and abroad. 
      ICC utilizes a competency-based program enumerating the skills and competencies that 
 a graduate must have achieved at the end of the course. Each competency program is designed
 specifically to meet the requirements for each IT course offered by our school.
      This program is a very important aspect of the teaching-learning process where the
 student is put to several tests involving seatworks, quizzes, group projects,
 time-pressured skills competition and actual demonstration of competencies acquired.
 Feedback is given after each evaluation program for constant improvement of our students. 
      4. MODULES
      Specifically-designed modules in each IT course offered by ICC are also utilized per
 TESDA requirements on competency-based learning.
      In our effort to continuously make all ICC students become aware of the latest in
 Information Technology, educational fieldtrips are conducted to the different IT Convention
 Centers in Metro Manila.
       Selected ICC students also get to represent their class by attending IT Seminars
 sponsored by big IT companies at several IT Convention Centers in the province or in Metro
 Manila. ICC shoulders the seminar fees for these selected students representing their class.