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      The averaging system is used in the computation of grades.
Class Standing Computation
50% Quizzes
25% Project / Recitation
25% Attendance / Attitude / Grooming
100% TOTAL

Grade Computation
Prelim Grade 50% Class Standing + 50% Prelim Exam
Midterm Grade 50% Class Standing + 30% Midterm Exam + 20% Prelim Grade
Final Grade 50% Class Standing + 30% Final Exam + 20% Midterm Grade

Grade Equivalent
1.00 97-100 3.00 75(Passed)
1.25 93-96 5.00 74(Failed)
1.50 90-92 Inc. Incomplete
1.75 86-89 NC No Credit
2.00 82-85 UD Unofficially Dropped
2.50 76-81 OD Officially Dropped
      As a matter of policy, the official grading sheet submitted by the teachers in each
 of their handled subjects would always be deemed final. If the final grade in the class card
 is different form the official grading sheet, the latter duly signed and submitted by the
 teacher would prevail.
      Unofficially Dropped students (UD) will be marked UD in their final grades when they
 failed to drop officially in writing before Midterms.
      An Incomplete Grade (Inc.) would be given to a student who lacks several requirements
 in a subject. He is given two (2) consecutive semesters to complete the deficiency. Failure
 to do so would mean a failing grade of 5.0 (74 and below).
      Submission of photocopies of class cards must be done at the end of each semester by
 each student to facilitate recording of their grades by the Branch Coordinator to be
 submitted to the Registrar. This is specifically important when requesting for any official
 school document. The final grades would be subject to verification by the Registrar.
      The graduate who would receive the highest honors during the ICC Commencement
 Exercises must at least have a general average of 88 or higher with no grade of 3.0 (75)
 in any subject.
      Top 3 or Top 5 Student Awardees would be chosen from each course depending on their
 General Scholastic Excellence.
      The Leadership Medal is awarded to an ICC Student Council Officer who exhibited an
 exemplary performance as an officer during his term.