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       Today's educational institutions must
 help students develop 21st-century business
 computing skills in addition to
 critical-thinking abilities. No matter where
 your students are in their educational careers,
 most will use those skills while in school
 and as members of the workforce. Microsoft
 Office Specialist certification provides proof of desktop skills and is a professional
 credential recognized around the world.
       Students who achieve Microsoft Office Specialist certification by passing a 
 performance-based exam earn a certificate, potential college credit via the American Council
 on Education (ACE) College Credit Recommendation Service, and the confidence that will set
 them apart in a competitive job market.

       An important Microsoft objective is to provide educators with comprehensive solutions
 that support their educational goals. Microsoft Office Specialist certification fulfills
 this objective by helping teachers and students achieve a common level of desktop computing
 skill. Shared skill levels enable teachers to use Microsoft Office programs to structure
 curricula and teaching methods that increase learning inside and outside of the classroom.
       Certified teachers can also save valuable time by assigning, collecting and grading
 student work using Microsoft Office programs. By encouraging students to achieve
 certification, teachers can help them stay engaged in and connected with their coursework,
 gain confidence, and realize their potential.

  Your Institution
       Educational institutions that offer Microsoft Office Specialist certification position
 themselves as leaders in the use of technology and in workforce development. Such leadership
 can increase credibility with students, teachers and parents, as well as with businesses
 and other organizations looking to hire graduates who are prepared for the 21st-century
       Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams use Microsoft Office programs to
 deliver an authentic, performance-based evaluation of Microsoft Office skills. In addition,
 offering certification testing within your organization is convenient and can help your
 institution potentially qualify for funding under the No Child Left Behind Act.

  The Business World
       Today, Microsoft Office is the most widely used business productivity program in the
 world. However, the average user masters only a portion of the software's functionality.
 More and more, businesses are encouraging employees and job candidates to become certified.
 Companies doing so report improved employee competence and productivity, as well as
 increased credibility with coworkers, clients and customers.
       Microsoft Office certification exams directly measure Microsoft Office skills and,
 equally important, the ability to apply those skills on the job. This assessment provides
 a qualitative basis for employment-related decision making, including employee screening
 and selection.